Commercial Loans

Recently refinanced in North Sydney

Mortgage Managed Commercial Property Loans:

These are facilities with a Non-Bank entity which is owned by one of the Second Tier Banks. This company commenced operations in the 1800s and is just a little younger than Westpac making it the second oldest finance entity in Australia.


Loans we have recently written:

North Sydney Property $19m,

Pizza Shop in Wentworth Falls, $450K,

Residential Investment Property in Fitzroy  VIC $950k,

Small block of units Brisbane, $1,2m,

Supermarket in Sunshine Vic, $4m.

Loan sizes are a minimum of $100,000.00 to maximum of $100,000,000.00. We are currently working with an investor for the purchase a Shopping Centre in NSW, a refinance of a retail outlet in Tasmania and a purchase of a new Church building in the Parramatta area.

We do not ask for securities to be revalued nor do we require updated financials whilst loans are maintained in good order. This for all commercial loans.

We offer 3 distinct loan types;

  • Full Doc Loans                    from     4.54%     0.55% Establishment Fee

  • Lease Doc Loans                from     4.54%     0.55% Establishment Fee

  • Fast Doc loans                    from     6.80%     1.10% Establishment Fee

Rates are subject to change without notice. Please call or email for up to date rates.


For loan requirements open link.  Commercial Full Doc Matrix


For loan requirements open link. Commercial Lease Doc Matrix


For loan requirements open link. Commercial Fast Doc Matrix

The differences when comparing with the main bank offerings are:

  • NO revaluations for the life of the loan

  • NO updated financials required (unless specified in the Letter of Offer)

  • Servicing is 1:1 for Principle and Interest Loans and 1.20:1 for an Interest Only Loan with rates fixed for 3 years or more. Servicing does carry an interest rate loading for shorter term loans.

  • Loan term to a maximum of 27 years (7 year Interest Only followed by 20 Years Principle and Interest.

  • NO ongoing Fees and Charges.


We also have loans for those who wish to buy commercial property who do not have immaculate credit history. This is up to 70% LVR at the current time and the rate is higher than our other products