SMSF Loans

Commercial SMSF

Maximum Loan amount $1M
LVR 65%

60 % where trustee is an individual

Rate 6.30%
App Fee $750 plus GST
Settlement Fee 0.60% of the loan amount
Loan Term 20 years Principal & Interest Only
Off the plan Acceptable on the following conditions:

Full 10% deposit paid on exchange of contracts for sale

Apartment must be greater than 50 sqm

No specialised securities

No vacant Land

Servicing Calculations Calculated on an P & I Basis

Using super contributions

80% of rental income or that recommended in valuation


Residential SMSF

LVR 80%
Max Loan Amount $500K
Liquidity in the fund Minimum SMSF net tangible assets of $150,000 required (prior to loan transaction)

The SMSF must have minimum liquid asset (interest/dividend earning assets)

Balance of 10% of the total debts of the SMSF (including the loan amount) after the

loan transaction is complete.

Off the plan Not Permitted
Properties not to be less than 12 months old
Min Apartment Size 50 SQM
NRAS Acceptable